The most famous product of the area is the white wine Ramandolo (name after the village's name), renowned for its quality all over Italy. This wine best represents the soul of its people, who are genuine, sometimes rough but warm and bound to their land. The balance of tannin, acidity and sweetness of this golden-bodied wine, together with its fruity aroma of apricot and chestnut honey, can be best appreciated with the typical products of this land: the well- known raw of San Daniele, ripe figs, the salami of Nimis, seasoned cheese and smoked trout. But as a sweet white wine it is most enjoyable with cakes or biscuits: the "Uessuz" (from the local language "little bones"), the bone-shaped biscuit of Nimis, the strudel and the "Gubana", another Friulan cake made with resin and apples.

Producing area: Friuli Venezia Giulia, in the area belonging to the local Comunes of Nimis, Tarcento, Attimis and Faedis, not far away from Udine.
Main features: white sweet dessert wine
Colour: golden yellow (tending to orange).
Smell: intense and fragrant.
Vineyards: Verduzzo friulano (or verduzzo giallo, yellow verduzzo) 100%.
Taste: sweet, full-bodied, velvety with a nutty aroma.
Alcoholic content: +12 degrees.

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