Ramandolo Club was inaugurated in 2005, now it is renewed with a new area entirely dedicated to well-being and fitness. Ramandoloclub becomes the perfect place where you'd enjoy moments of absolute pleasure. A haven dedicated to relax, characterized by soft atmospheres, lounge and new age music. As an added value there is natural light coming through the large windows overlooking the surrounding vineyards. Every detail is an invitation find lost beauty, harmony and peace of mind. These are the tools you need to disconnect from everyday life and regain your mental and physical balance.

- sauna / bio-sauna

- turkish steam room

- emotional shower

- "Jacuzzi" pool

- massage room

- gym equipment

- wooden chaises

  • jacuzzi pool and 4 seats turkish-bath with 4 seats and music;
  • sensory shower (hot water, cold water, filiform water, water spray);
  • shower with color therapy essences and Finnish sauna and bio-sauna (depending on the needs of the client);
  • massage cabin with ergonomic bed there is the possibility of foot neck, legs and back massage;
  • ayurvedic massages by professional massage therapists (by appointment only);
  • relaxation area with herbal tea and juices.

Jacuzzi pool

Relax bed



Sensory shower

Massage bed

Ayurvedic massage is performed by using mainly organic sesame oil warmed in order to regain the lost balance, purify and nourish the body's cells. There are three types of oil ( EcoBio from MAP ITALIA ) for the three ayurvedic types: VATA, PITTA,KAPHA.

MARMA: body massage suitable for balancing energies through manual stimulation of energy points.
ABHYANGA: body massage suitable for people suffering from anxiety.
VISHESH: muscular body massage , deep, intense tissue massage . great for sportsmen.
UDVARTANA: body massage useful for the stimulation of metabolism. Useful against water retention.
PADABHYANGA: deeply relaxing foot massage.

soothing , relaxant , sports , hot stone massage, Californian massage.

MONDAY / WEDNESDAY Access reserved for women
15.00 to 20.00

TUESDAY Access restricted to couples
15.00 to 20.00

THURSDAY / FRIDAY free access
15.00 to 20.00

SATURDAY / SUNDAY free access
10.00 to 20.00

Access is by appointment.

Individual entrance   (about 2.30 hours) € 25.00
Ayurvedic massage   (1 hour) € 75.00
Ayurvedic massage   (1/2 hour) € 40.00
Traditional massage   (1 hour) € 50.00
Entrance and traditional massage € 70.00
Entrance for a couple   (about 2.30 hours) € 40.00
Bathrobe rental € 3.00
Bath - towel rental € 2.00
Non-slip slippers free Free